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Lapp's Dutch Market

Lapp's Dutch Market is a family owned business open for more than 25 years. We specialize in fresh meats, deli items, hot lunches and dinners.


We also cater for any occasion. We are here to serve foods flavored with our background of good Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. People come many miles for our special blend of old fashioned personal service and good food. We offer our customers quality products that we stand behind.


Try Lapp's for lunch for a wide selection of delicious cold and home cooked hot sandwich options. We also serve salads and homemade soups made fresh daily. Our entrees served with two sides for one low price is also an option on our hot buffet. Check out our daily specials from the deli or grill.


What Else Does Lapp's Offer?

  • Off-site catering

  • Local fresh produce (in season)

  • Store made frozen meatballs and hamburger patties

  • Home baked sandwich rolls

  • Fresh sliced chipped steak

  • Martins rolls

  • Jake & Amos jellies, relishes and canned fruit

  • Dutch Valley candy & snacks

  • Mrs. Millers Homemade Noodles

  • John F Martin cheeses

  • Kunzler hot dogs & Lebanan bologna

  • Alderfer Hams & bacon and fresh sliced dried beef

  • Homemade Pasta Salad

  • McClures cakes & Pellmans cheesecakes

  • Our fresh baked sticky buns, walnut creams & bread pudding

  • Choice Books

“I love the quality and freshness

of their meats, and the prices

are so reasonable!”

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Today's Lunch Specials

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Hours of Operation

Mon 7am - 3pm

Tues - Friday 7am - 5pm

Saturday 7am - 4pm

Closed Sunday